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Love is …


1 Samuel 21:6 “So the priest give to him the consecrated bread, since there is no bread except the bread of the Presence.”

Saul was trying to kill David.
David was going place to place and they need to eat. They were in need and David as a good leader took the initiative to ask for help. The priest helped the rule of that time wasn’t bigger than the urgency to help people and the priest gave the bread to David and his soldiers to eat.

We need to be ready o help those in need. We are not called to judge but to love. To love our neighbour not judging their acts but because it is God’s command.
We all sins in various ways, but love covers a multitude of sins as Jesus said. And Jesus is love. Never let the rules prevent us from loving, serving and helping a neighbour.

What a challenge! God please help us.


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A pause…

Good Morning Friends,

Some people are asking me why I am writing these posts, why are you blogging?
Well, for many years I have my chair time and it has been one of the most wonderful time with God. I get my prayer journal, my notebook, a pen or multiple pens :), and my bible and for 20 minutes I read, pray and meditate on the bible.
When I was reading my old notebooks I realised that I should put them on a digital file and many times re-reading those notes I got so inspired again in how God works in my life;  how I changed, how my faith has grown. I thought that maybe have friends who can be inspired, encouraged, challenged when read these texts, and so I did this blog.

Why those posts are short and straight to the bible text? Because I value your time and your commitments.

My prayer is that as you ready this blog you be blessed, inspired and transformed by the power of the word of God.

Have a wonderful day,


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Obedient and Faithful

Good Morning Friends,

1 Samuel 1:24 “After he was weaned, she took the boy with her, young as he was, along with the three years old bull, an ephah of flour and a skin of wine, and brought him to the house of the Lord at Shilon.”

After Hannah has been through, she took the courage to bring her baby Samuel, what an obedient and faithful woman of God. Obedient and selfless, she gave Samuel back to the Lord.
Hannan has to trust God and His provisions.

How hard that must been! Motherhood and trusting that your kid will be protected.


May God give us the same desire to pray, praise and obey as his servant Hannah did.

Many Blessings,