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Pointing to the One who matters.

Hello, hello!

Today I am going to start my chair time reading the book of Ruth. It might take a few weeks on this book. It is amazing how inspirational, profound and full of love this book is, I pray God will help us to let these seeds go deep in our hearts, and may produce fruits that long forever!

This time instead of reading one chapter a day, I am following Courtney Joseph’s Bible Study together with the good morning girls group. You can see the link below.

“Please don’t tell me to leave you and return home!
I will go where you go, I will live where you live;Your people will be my people,  Your God wil be my God,” Ruth 1:16-17

The Ruth’s commitment and loyalty are admirable. Reading all the 4 chapters I see lots of Ruth’s character but today I was in deep admiration by Naomi’s life. Ruth wants to be with Naomi no matter what and wants to serve Naomi’s God as her own God. Naomi probably did set a good testimony to be followed. The question from my devotions today is: Looking into your life today are you inspiring young ladies to be excited and faithfulness to live a life to serve God, to be faithful, honest, hard worker, obedient? Will our daughters look into the life and say YES I want to follow her steps no matter what and serve God as she does!

I want to inspire people, I want to be a Naomi in someone’s life. Naomi pointed Ruth faith to God and the rest is history!! When God is encharged HE does all the impossible. He provides everything needed to get to the end He planned!

May God give us knowledge, wisdom, and passion for his word to provide transformation, deep transformation in our hearts.

Peace and Love,