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Shall I go?

1 Samuel 23:2 ” he inquired of the Lord”

It is so good to see a great leader asking God for guidance, David was seeking to God’s will in every step, more important than attack the Philistines is to make sure he is doing God’s will.  

May God be always in our decisions. That we never forget to ask Him what we should do, big steps or small steps, He must be the Leader, the guidance, and we shall ever obey his commands.

God help us to remember to asking you for directions in every single decision of our life.Be you the king, and reign forever in me.

It is going to be a GOD day.




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Every Step I move

1 Samuel 23:2 he inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I go and attack these philistines?”

David asked God what should he do.

We say God guide my steps or we declare that We will serve the Lord but daily all this brave and insurance that God is the Almighty One fall apart and we even not include Him on our decisions. Once a pastor told me if you can’t rest and trust in God on the small things how could you do the big things?

We should live total dependent on God. He should be ON our every single little step.
I pray that we take the decision today to include God on our daily battles, with a joyful heart knowing that God has always the better way. “not my will but yours be done.”Luke 22:42

Today is going to be a GOD day!



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make good out of bad

1 Samuel 22

David obeyed God and went to Judah. The priests of that place were all killed by King Saul.

The life with God it is not always with good moments (on earthly perspective), there is grieving but God can make out of bad, good things. Let the word of God be our truth as is written in Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Have a wonderful day,

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Love is …


1 Samuel 21:6 “So the priest give to him the consecrated bread, since there is no bread except the bread of the Presence.”

Saul was trying to kill David.
David was going place to place and they need to eat. They were in need and David as a good leader took the initiative to ask for help. The priest helped the rule of that time wasn’t bigger than the urgency to help people and the priest gave the bread to David and his soldiers to eat.

We need to be ready o help those in need. We are not called to judge but to love. To love our neighbour not judging their acts but because it is God’s command.
We all sins in various ways, but love covers a multitude of sins as Jesus said. And Jesus is love. Never let the rules prevent us from loving, serving and helping a neighbour.

What a challenge! God please help us.


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Best Friend Forever

As we are reading chapter by chapter of the Book of 1 Samuel I am getting so many insights and has refreshed my soul with hopes and true that only He can give to us. As I read His words, more his love, plan and compassion on has unfolded.
Let’s jump into 1 Samuel Chapter 18

friends forever1 Sam 18:1 “After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself.” 

What a gift! God gave to David a friend.

Living so far from my home country I found myself many times longing for a true friendship. It has been a constantly prayer as God direct me towards amazing women, who love God, love me, accept me, push me to the better, forgive me and shapen me. Also my deep disare is to be that kind a friend as well. That with God’s guidance and in love I can be that kind of friend.
I pray that God will overflow my cup with love for those amazing women He put on my path and by his grace I could be an instrument of blessing and growing on their lives.

It is so good to have our Lord Jesus as our bet friend!

Have a good, good day!


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Let’s speak from Our Heart

Good Morning Friends,woman-praying-silhoutte

The book of 1 Samuel chapter 1

Verse 13 “As she kept on praying to the Lord, Eli observed her mouth. Hannah was praying in her heart, and her lips were moving but her voice was not heard.”

Hannah did not cry out loud, she didn’t make a dramatic scene. In fact, she never said a word out loud. She spoke from her heart. She knew that God could hear it there. She has FAITH and TRUST that God would hear the desires of her heart.

I pray that our FAITH will be so strong that in times of need we will face the difficulties and will cry before God and speak from our heart, He hears us, we TRUST  on an Almighty God who loves and cares about us.

The book of Mattew chapter 9 verses 27-29, tell us that two blind men followed Jesus asking for mercy, Jesus asked: Do you believe that  I am able to do this? “Yes, Lord”  they replied. Then he touched their eyes and said: ” According to your faith will it be done to you.”

Imagine if they didn’t have faith?
Imagine if we don’t have faith…

And remember, today is a God’s day,

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Back to the Chair Time

It is so good to be back to the Momentos Blog!

And let’s start with the book of 1 Samuel.



The book of 1 Samuel is about the lives of Samuel, Saul and David. As the book of Judges ends, we find there was no king in Israel and everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes. Israel was at a spiritual low point, as their priesthood and judges were corrupt.

Israel desired to be like the other nations and so they demanded to have a King. So God gave Israel what they wanted and Samuel anointed Saul as King. Through a series of bad choices and disobedience of God’s will, Saul ended up rejected by God. A new king was chosen, David, a man after God’s own heart. After David defeated a giant named Goliath, Saul grew jealous of David and sought to kill him.

While David was on the run from Saul, twice he had the opportunity to take Saul’s life but instead he honored the king. In the end, Saul tragically died while on the battlefield fighting the Philistines.

Author: Unknown; some possible writers are Nathan and Gad

Date: about 930BC

Key Verse: 1 Samuel 16:7

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.


  • The days of Samuel before the monarchy (1-7)
  • Israel demands a king and the Monarchy begins (8-12)
  • The reign and rejection of King Saul (13-15)
  • The fall of Saul and the rise of David (16-31)


Hi, my name is Luci, I will post here a devotional; a small text to make us think and reflect on the chapter we will be reading. My prayer is that God will inspire us, talk and guide us during this journey.  Continue reading “Back to the Chair Time”