Full of Himself

Hi all,

God has his ways of drawing attention to him and I am very glad that I have obeyed and I am reading this book regularly during my “Chair Time”.
And we’re going to 1 Samuel 13

The verse I chose to meditate on is in 1 Samuel 13:13, “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you.”

Saul now king, used his authority to do what it is not his work to do, but for having the power as the King, he thought it would be okay to do something that was for the prophet Samuel to do. And his disobedience brought enormous consequences to his reign.

Why did not Saul wait for Samuel to come? Saul was experiencing the power of being the King, and full of power he found himself greater than all. Saul’s heart was full of himself.

Thinking today, and in my own life, how many times have I neglected people around me, in order to resolve the situation at that moment. Without looking around and assessing whether it is my job to do this or not.

God created us with gifts and talents, He enables and guides us, when our motivation is interrelated with that of our God we will have a heart according to the heart of God. But in the times when we act in instinct because we know how to do and we do much better than the others then it is time to evaluate our heart because surely our heart is full of ourselves.

We need to desire a heart after the heart of God. It is a trusting, a surrender that He knows everything and has control of all things.

And remember, today is a good day,


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