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A pause…

Good Morning Friends,

Some people are asking me why I am writing these posts, why are you blogging?
Well, for many years I have my chair time and it has been one of the most wonderful time with God. I get my prayer journal, my notebook, a pen or multiple pens :), and my bible and for 20 minutes I read, pray and meditate on the bible.
When I was reading my old notebooks I realised that I should put them on a digital file and many times re-reading those notes I got so inspired again in how God works in my life;  how I changed, how my faith has grown. I thought that maybe have friends who can be inspired, encouraged, challenged when read these texts, and so I did this blog.

Why those posts are short and straight to the bible text? Because I value your time and your commitments.

My prayer is that as you ready this blog you be blessed, inspired and transformed by the power of the word of God.

Have a wonderful day,



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