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The Silence

Mark 3:4-5

When Jesus sees the man with the shriveled hand he asks a question and in response Jesus hear the silence.

The simark3lence that made Jesus deeply distressed.

The silence can paralyzes us. The routine, the old custom, the rules of the building; On our days the silence can be a bureaucracy, papers, orders that must be established, the criteria, quali
fications, men’s hierarchy.

The silence can paralyzes us when the path of the church (the building) doesn’t find the path of the church in our souls.

If Jesus were to act in response to what he heard, the silence; that man would have not received healing.

Two lessons for my life

  1. Do not allow the old ways paralyze me
  2. This healing happened by pure Grace. And Jesus by grace acts not as my actions.


Have a Good Day!!

Hi my name is Luci, I will post here a devotional; a small text to make us think and reflect on the chapter we will be reading.My prayer is that God will inspire us, talk and guide us during this journey.

A Big thanks to the Good Morning Girls to inspire me and give us all the resources. Fill free to comment here or on my facebook page and also I am onInstagram with pictures (when inspired ).


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