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The importance to listen


Mark Chapter 1

Verse 41 Jesus says he wants to heal the leper man. And so he did.
In verses 43-45 Jesus warns the healed man not say it to anyboPhoto 26-05-12 03 06 43 PMdy, go straight to the priests and follow the procedures taught by Moses, for a good witness. But the man spread throughout the city the miracle, made public the act. And because of this Jesus could no longer enter openly into any town, but stayed outside in lonely places. However, also came to him out of all parts.
A simple act of joy and exaltation made this man disobey an important command from the master. That act had consequences, Jesus stood outside the cities, and solitary places, many came to him, yes, but how many others could have had free access and not because of a single act of disobedience.
The importance of listening, we need to listen more, listen to all the words, even the most important information has already been given, we have to listen to run the correct commands.
How have you listen the Father these days?
Good Morning!


Hi my name is Luci,

Every week I will post here a devotional; a small text to make us think and reflect on the chapter we will be reading.

My prayer is that God will inspire us, talk and guide us during this journey.

A Big thanks to the Good Morning Girls to inspire me and give us all the resources.

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One thought on “The importance to listen

  1. Important to know we hear all teaching , made ​​me think that sometimes we are not aware of little details that the Father teaches us on a daily basis to accomplish major projects in His kingdom.

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