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12798131_775035579298490_519446880_nMark Chapter 1

V 35-39 Jesus goes from dawn to a solitary place to pray. And everyone was looking for him, Jesus only answers, let’s go to another place, to nearby villages, so I can preach there also. That is what I came for.
Conviction of the call, and prayerfully sought his north. In prayer he was connected with the Father and knew the purpose of his life. Focused he moved on.
How many times the distraction of day-to-day made you lose your connection with God, too tired to pray, and you have seen in other ways than the ways that God has for your life. The search for the conviction of his call has to be constant adjustment with the Father, constant harmony, constant prayer to the Father guide you to the next village.

Good Morning,


Hi my name is Luci, I will post here a devotional; a small text to make us think and reflect on the chapter we will be reading.My prayer is that God will inspire us, talk and guide us during this journey. 

A Big thanks to the Good Morning Girls to inspire me and give us all the resources. Fill free to comment here or on my facebook page and also I am on Instagram with pictures (when inspired ).


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