Awake my soul

This weekend I had a precious time, those who only the silence interrupt ours thoughts. I enjoyed my sew, I read, I was still in silence and listened to some Bibly Studies’ podcasts.
It was a wonderful time with God, I praised God with singing, tears, my voice, givinghallelujahs for all that He has been in my life.
In the midst of praises and prayers God gave me Psalm 1,

You know what I want?

I want to be this tree, I want to be on the verge of running water, be cleansed and purified by the Holy Spirit,       I want to bear fruit in time, the time of my Lord and my God                                                                           I want my leaves never wither, my motivation is always The Lord who sustains me,                                         I want to succeed for the glory of our God and

and I want to meditate on His Word day and night!
I adopted this psalm as my biblical text of 2012!

And about you? Have you chosen which verse will have in 2012? Ta’s about time eh!?

Joy in Christ, and Him only in Him,

Lucimara Larina


One thought on “Awake my soul

  1. Can I choose it for 2013?
    I want Him to awake my soul too. Every day, every year.
    Kisses and love!

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